Capstone 2019 Group Photo

Capstone 2019 – EET

May 13, 2019 we presented our capstone project at Red Deer College. I was graduating from the Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program. I am the man on the far left.

Our project was about bringing the newly acquired heat exchanger that RDC acquired into service. This involved testing the components and calibrating them, developing a control strategy, implementing the control strategy using DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS), building the Human Machine Interface (HMI), and tuning the system to achieve the best performance.

Our group was composed of students from the Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) and Instrumentation Engineering Technology (IET) programs. From left to right, we have me, Zaron Gibson (MET+EET), Emily Lougheed (IET), Tyler Driesen (IET), Carson West (EET), Korben Johnsen (IET), and Jade Moore-Jackson (IET).

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